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2013 Conference Presentations


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Thank you to everyone who attended the ORANA Annual Conference this weekend.  

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2012 Annual Conference Presentations

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Clinical Insights in Hereditary Antithrombin Deficiency in Pregnancy and the Role of Thrombate III® (Antithrombin III [Human]) (1 CE) (Christopher J. Robinson, MD, MSCR) (Sponsored by Grifols)

Emergency Response and the Anesthesia Provider (1.5 CE) (Dr. Steven J. Mund, CRNA, DNP)

Perioperative Cardiac Evaluation and Management of the Noncardiac Surgery Patient (2 CE) (Douglas Arditti, MN, MSN, FNP, CRNA)

Advanced Scanning Workshop (1 CE) (Scott Rigdon, CRNA, MPH) (Sponsored by Mindray)

OHSU Nurse Anesthesia Program Student Presentations:
Student Nurse Anesthesia in Cambodia
Christina Lippert, BS, BSN, SRNA, CCRN & Heather Morris, BSN, SRNA

Difficult Airway Workshop (3 CE) (Michael MacKinnon, MSN, CRNA)

Understanding Pain (2 CE) (Jackie Rowles, CRNA, MBA, MA, FAAPM)

OHSU Nurse Anesthesia Program Student Presentations:
The Use of PEEP and Recruitment Maneuvers for Laparoscopic Surgery 
Brad Johnson, BSN, SRNA, CCRN; Mandy Startup, BSN, SRNA & Zoe Vinson, BSN, SRNA, CCRN

Dexmedetomidine and Awake Fiberoptic Intubation 
Adam Kerr, BSN, SRNA & Greg Pollard-Herman, BSN, SRNA, CCRN

Seroquel and Refractory Hypotension During General Anesthesia
Nina Weber, BSN, SRNA

American Association of Nurse Anesthetists Update (1 CE) (Steven Sertich, CRNA, MAE, JD)

Practical Applications of Ultrasound Guided Abdominal Nerve Blocks (.5 CE) (Scott Rigdon, CRNA, MPH)

What’s New in Analgesia for Vaginal Delivery (1 CE) (Robert Gaiser, MD)

The 3 Ps: Preeclampsia, Previa, and Perimorten Cesarean Delivery (1 CE) (Robert Gaiser, MD)

Massive Transfusion Update (1 CE) (Martin A. Schreiber, MD)

Health Care and Your Government (1 CE) (Senator Laurie Monnes-Anderson)

Pediatric Basics – The Latest in Perioperative Management (1 CE) (Staci Kothbauer, CRNA, MSN, APNP)

Pediatric Airway – You Swallowed What? (1 CE) (Staci Kothbauer, CRNA, MS)

2011 Fall Conference Presentations


 2011 Fall Conference Follow-up & Presentations

November 4-6, 2011


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Friday, November 4th (Library, 2nd Floor)
19:00–20:00    OHSU Nurse Anesthesia Program Student Presentations:
Droperidol: What about the black box warning? (Brandon Herres RN BSN & Nick Willard RN BSN)
Saturday, November 5th
07:00–08:00    GRC Breakfast Roundtable: For information, contact Julie Sheehan, GRC Chair
11:30–12:30     American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA) Update (Steven Sertich) (1 CE)
13:30-14:30      Roundtable Discussions of Anesthesia in the Third World Including Case Studies
 (Lisa Gramlich, MD) (1 CE)
Sunday, November 6th
13:00-15:00      Ultrasound Guided Regional Anesthesia: Focused Learning Module (For questions regarding the workshop, please contact Scott Rigdon, MSN, CRNA)





2010 Fall Conference & 75th Anniversary

2010 Fall Conference Presentations



October 22-24, 2010




Friday, October 22, 2010

15:00 – 18:00  Association Board of Directors Meeting

17:00–18:00    Registration | Visit with Exhibitors

18:00–19:00    OHSU Nurse Anesthesia Program Student State of the Science Presentations

Stephen J. Yermal, CRNA, PhD

Fospropofol for Sedation

Intraoperative ECG Lead Placement

Is Desflurane indicated with the use of the LMA?

19:00–20:00    ORANA and Oregon Health Care Reform

Stephen J. Yermal, CRNA, PhD

20:00–22:00     Reception with Exhibitors


Saturday, October 23, 2010 

 07:00–07:30    Registration | Breakfast | Visit with Exhibitors

07:30–08:30    Semmelweis Revisited:  Infectious Disease Transmission in the

Anesthesia Workstation

Charles Biddle, CRNA, PhD

08:30–09:30    Are Sleepy People Keeping the Patient Asleep?  A Report of the Findings

of the National Sleep Study of Nurse Anesthetists.                                                                            

Charles Biddle, CRNA, PhD

09:30-10:00     Break | Visit with Exhibitors

10:00–11:00     A Primer on Pharmacogenetics: A New Way of Thinking in the Age of Molecular Biochemistry.                                                                                                                                 

Charles Biddle, CRNA, PhD

11:00–12:00     AANA Update

 Dan Simonson, CRNA, MHPA

12:00–13:00     Lunch provided (guests welcome) | Wine Tasting | Visit with Exhibitors

18:00–19:30    75th Anniversary Banquet


Sunday, October 24, 2010

07:00–07:30     Breakfast | Visit with Exhibitors

07:30–08:00    ORANA Business Meeting Update

08:00–09:00    Evidenced-Based Ultrasound Guided Regional Anesthesia     

Jean-Louis Horn 

09:00–10:00    Best-Practice Concepts for Regional Anesthesia                                                                             

Jean-Louis Horn

10:00 - 10:30    Break | Visit with Exhibitors

10:30 - 11:30    Issues and Answers in Regional Anesthesia

                                 Jean-Louis Horn, MD                                                                               


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